Ionic 2/3 open a new project

Hello, today Ionic 3 will take you through the steps necessary to open a new project. Firstly, opening a new project in ionic 2 was different from ionic 3 as an example;

ionic start <projectname> <projetype> –v2

if we explain the variables here:


1.Startup Steps

<projectname>: The part you give your project name.

<projecttype>: In this section, you determine the template structure of the progeny you open. You can click here to see all template types and their explanations, or you can examine it with my narration.

–v2: In this section you are giving the version of ionic.


As a result, ionic 1 and 2 were projecting this way. But opening the new project at ionic 3 has changed a bit. In fact, this change has been good. What I mean by saying goodbye is that project opening has become an easier task.

Ionic 3 to open a new project;

ionic start <projectname> <template>

as you see – does not get v2 or any other variable. For more detailed information, click here.


ionic start –help

you might encounter a help article that you wrote.


Ionic 3 help
Ionic 3 help


As you can see, you can actually find all the parts you are wondering here.


2.Project Details

The template created at the beginning is really important for your project.

As an example I opened a project named “deneme” and I gave it a “blank” as a template, so I wanted to open an empty project.

I would like to show you a screenshot of what you will encounter when you open a new project.


Ionic 3 screen shoot
Ionic 3 screen shoot

Yes, as you can see, even after you have opened the project, you can try a help screen, the photo tells you what you can do as you see it. After this step, there’s just one thing you need to do for the opening

ionic serve


This serve up the project and it opens in the browser. These are what you need to open a new project at Ionic 3.


3.Ionic 3 advanced operations and result

I think we will start with a much more advanced level of writing in the next few installments, including adding platforms, running and building operations on the project.


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