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Malmo-Copenhagen Trip / 2 Days in Malmo and Copenhagen Part 1

22 January 2018
malmo copenhagen trip

Hello, today I will share malmo copenhagen trip( tour guide )  in 2 days.

First thing first  I want to quick view for you. This view have 2 Part so this is 1.Part.

1.Part I will write about transportation the Malmo and detailed Malmo things so its mean 1.Part about Malmo and 2.Part is about Copenhagen.

P.S :

These two cities (countries) can only change in 45 minutes.

The pictures and videos I took for Malmö and Copenhagen can be found here.


ready ?

Let’s start.

1.Malmo Copenhagen Trip Transportation

For my Flight I choose Wizz Air so this its about Wizz Air.

In case this flight its very cheap for me, its a return flight and just

78 zł = 22 USD

Of course its just cabin bag and random a seat. You can review my flight;

Malmo Copenhagen Trip flight

Malmo Copenhagen Trip flight

For Malmo you can hardly find a flight becuase its a small city but if you will search the Copenhagen its will be easy for you because many airlines goes the Copenhagen and its cheapper than Malmo. But I choosed Malmo because I fly from Warsaw so its more easy for me.

P.S :

If you want to see the Malmo its easy just you should cross the Bridge(Oresund Bridge)

!!! You cant walk the bridge

Lets journey start.



malmo airport

malmo airport


2.Malmo to Malmo City Center

Malmo Airport is a small airpot so you cant lost or cant find way its easy just follow the peoples and here it is you can see the your bus.

About bus its 2 option available ;

  1. 85 SEK (10.5 USD ) Just One Way
  2. 169 SEK (21 USD ) Return

So yeah its same :::



Bus conditions are very good they have wifi and power points. Bus trip takes about 40 minutes and here its MALMO.

For Bus Tickets: Link

Here is my Ticket;





Malmo is 3rd Biggest city in Sweden but in real its not seem like that because you can easily access everywhere in the city by walk of course there bus but its so necessary to use them, I never used.

I think Malmo isnt a general Sweden City. In most Sweden cities you can see so many blonde peoples,  sorry not many actually  everybody   is blonde .



The number of immigrants is very high and most of the businesses are of course immigrants, and of course there are very nice boutique Swedish cafes.

I do not think you will have any trouble with language, the most of the population speaks English, German, Swedish.

I do not know anything about the hotel, unfortunately, but I do not think it will be too expensive, besides that I talked to one of them and I said I could sleep at the train station too I do not know how reliable it is.

Food prices are very variable according to Copenhagen Some products in Malmo are cheaper than in Copenhagen. There is a rumor that something like that happened when the Copenhagen people came and bought something from Malmo, but it was the exact opposite, I do not understand much.

So here is few comparisons;

  • BigMac prices => Sweden : 5 USD ,  Denmark : 4.5 USD
  • Hotel prices (For 2 Days )  = > Malmo : 130 – 1300 USD , Copenhagen: 39 – 530 USD
  • Because Copenhagen is even bigger as places to visit and, of course, it is the capital city, there is really a lot to do and a lot to do as an activity.
  • In Malmo there is a small city that I have never used a transport vehicle (bus, train, etc.), everything is close to the city center. You may have to use bicycles in Copenhagen. Recommendation: Definitely but definitely use bikes.

So for now malmo copenhagen trip its end. I will write Part 2 later , Part 2 guide about copenhagen pass and copenhagen.

See you…





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