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Prague Airport and Airport to City Centre

6 April 2018

Hello today I will help you to get the most out of your trip by sharing all the details about the airport and showing you how to get to the city center of Prague airport (Václav Havel Airport) very well and easily.   1.Arrival the Prague When you first land in Prague, you will enter duty free area as if you are at any airport. Here you can get a few things without entering the city if you want, you…

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2 Days Trips

Malmo-Copenhagen Trip / 2 Days in Malmo and Copenhagen Part 1

22 January 2018
malmo copenhagen trip

Hello, today I will share malmo copenhagen trip( tour guide )  in 2 days. First thing first  I want to quick view for you. This view have 2 Part so this is 1.Part. 1.Part I will write about transportation the Malmo and detailed Malmo things so its mean 1.Part about Malmo and 2.Part is about Copenhagen. P.S : These two cities (countries) can only change in 45 minutes. The pictures and videos I took for Malmö and Copenhagen can be…

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2 Days Trips

Paris Trip / 2 days in Paris – See the beautiful Paris

13 December 2017

Paris. Among the most beautiful cities of the world is the love city that is admired as the 2nd (the first is Barcelona). Yes, if you come up with this ridiculous information and discussion, then this guide is only available on this page, allowing you to make your trip to Paris and make the impression you need by looking at the links and pictures. Our  trip actually was not a trip that we could hardly plan but we had only…

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Emre Akbaki