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Add a font to ionic project

21 October 2019

Hello, today I will show you the steps to install the font for the ionic 4 project. You can install the font you want to install by following these steps. I think the project has already been created. If you don’t have any information with ionic, you can follow the steps and get information here. I used Google Fonts to install my font. You can find almost all fonts here. Again, you can add projects in the same way you…

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Making simple and handy slides using Ion-slide

13 December 2017

Hello, this time we will see you in most applications today, I will make an ion-slide (slides) appearance that has a lot of populations.   Initially, we open an empty ionic application.     1.Lets Start ion-slide When Ionic opens ionic serve we are bringing our project to life. If you dont know how to open new project in ionic you can review my guide ! When you open your project, ionic has a default code string. We will play this…

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Emre Akbaki